The fishing season is in June, but it is best to contract before the fishing season because of changes made ​​from one year to another.


(Alosa Pseudoharengus)

(HS CODE # 03056980)


  • +/- 130 Grams / Fish
  • 13,63 Kg Plastic Pail
  • 91 to 110 Fishes / Pail
  • 1 800 Pails / 40′ container reefer
  • Keep refrigerated 6° Celcius


Only a few months

2 years shelf life

Our Process

In the herring family, Alewife is caught in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia rivers. Once caught, it is salted and dry packed in plastic pails of 30 pounds (13.63 kg) without brine. Very popular in the African and Caribbean cuisine.

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Per 42 g of herring
Energy 100 cal.
Protein 12 g
Fat 6 g
Cholesterol 25 mg
Sodium 2310 mg
Calcium 25 mg

2 years shelf life, keep refrigerated 

Use it like anchovies, mix it with pasta, pizza, rice, potatoes. Always cool in sauce.