Saithe is traditionally one of the most important fish caught in Northern Norway, alongside cod.


(Pollachius Virens)
(HS CODE #030553)

Superior / Universal / Popular

  • Superior are the highest and perfect quality
  • Universal are fish with little broken meat
  • Popular a little bit more broken, darker

Size = #fishes / Box

  • Jumbo is 7-9 pieces/ box
  • Extra-Large is 13-15 pieces/box
  • Large is 16-20 pieces/box
  • Medium is 21-30 pieces/box
  • 25 Kg Cardboard Box
  • 1 000 Boxes / 40′ container reefer


We sell dried salted codfish from Norway, it is a product with long manufacturing traditions in Norway. It is a well established traditional product in Portugal, Brazil, Central America and Central and West Africa.