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Canadian Smoked Herring

Fresh herring is caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic , it is then put into a natural salt brine for a minimum of 2 weeks, it will then desalted slightly with water source .  It will be suspended and smoked very slowly, about 30 days, over smouldering embers made ​​of a mixture of coniferous and local hardwoods. This process, passed on from generation to generation , gave birth to a product with a particular taste today sought in many countries of the world, also known as BLOATERS



Scientific Name : Alosa Pseudoharengus
In the herring family, Alewife is caught in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia rivers. Once caught, it is salted and dry packed in plastic pails of 30 pounds (13.63 kg) without brine. Keep refrigerated 6° Celcius. Very popular in the African and Caribbean cuisine.


Bacalao from Norway

A very traditional saltfish product from Norway. Highly recognized with it’s remarkable good taste of saltfish, this is our bestseller throughout Dominican Republic and Jamaica, and in wide areas in Brazil. Offered at competitive prices all year around.


Fully dried salted Haddock backbone, 30-35 pieces per 9 Kgs carton for African Market.

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At Intercambio, we assure that the products meet the high quality standards and expectations of our customers.

We regularly visit our producers to maintain and strengthen our network. We built our reputation by providing a priority for our customer service for the entire transaction process from the first call to the receipt of our products at your destination.


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